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Melissa Hevenor

Spiritual Consultant, Relationship Mentor, Motivational Speaker & Author

When Melissa was a little girl, she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and to many people’s surprise; she considers her condition a blessing straight from God. She considers herself lucky because the condition does not affect her intellectual abilities, but rather, enhances her spiritual gifts. From a young age, she was able to tap into other people’s feelings. She believes that because her condition required her to spend a large part of her life bound to a wheelchair, the sedentary lifestyle allowed her to focus and observe the subtleties of life that others easily miss.

Melissa's scholarly background enhances her psychic attributes. For several years now, she has been named one of America's top 50 psychic mediums and medical intuitive. She has earned two Master’s degrees, one in Mental Health Counseling and the other in Rehabilitation Counseling. Her undergraduate degrees are in Psychology and Theater Design, with an emphasis on Creative Writing. Melissa has over 1,000 hours working with autistic children and children of victims of domestic violence. Her 
vocal training and performance background assist those clients who are seeking educational services related to meditation and elevating their overall spiritual vibration through music-enhanced therapeutic techniques.

Melissa has been an advocate for people with disabilities even before she was old enough to understand what she was doing at the time. Melissa was one of the first disabled children accepted into a performing arts magnet school program in Montgomery County. She was also one of the first students to be fully integrated into mainstream academic classes while participating in the creative arts/public speaking program. In fifth grade, she was the first physically disabled student to run for a position in student government. In middle school and high school, Melissa became what was known as a Montgomery Exceptional Leader. This was an honors program that trained students with physical disabilities to speak in assemblies throughout the county. Students learned what it was like to have a physical difference or challenge to help ease the transition of inclusion for all children in Montgomery County public schools.

Throughout her college career, Melissa spoke nationwide to professors and medical professionals about how to better meet the needs of both patients and students with physical disabilities. She was also the first student at the University of Maryland, in a wheelchair, to take Dance Notation and Introduction to Choreography. 

Melissa has spoken nationally and internationally about overcoming challenges, advocating for people with disabilities, and teaching others how to be spiritually connected. She helps people tap into their own intuition so they can overcome both physical and mental challenges. Melissa has also spoken worldwide about overcoming various types of addiction, childhood trauma, domestic violence, and many other hardships. Her spiritual techniques and intuition, provide guidance on finding one’s personal happiness through acceptance and moving forward from one's past, and embracing the present.

Social relationships are a vital component of an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Thus, over the years Melissa has helped clients find, nurture, and heal relationships. Romantic relationships are the most common reasons clients seek her services. Whether someone wants to gain insight to find the right person or needs help to communicate and navigate an existing relationship, Melissa is there every step of the way. Many of Melissa's clients, whom she started helping in the beginning stages of their dating journey, are now married and have started families or blended their families successfully. Melissa guides people throughout all stages of the relationship process, from setting up dating profiles to confidence building to fostering deep connections and fulfillment. Listening is crucial to effectively communicate with loved ones. Unfortunately, due to our fast pace world filled with devices, this component is often lost. It is not uncommon for Melissa to help individuals recognize when a conversation should be over the phone, via text, or in person. 


  • Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development 

    • Advanced Mediumship​

  • Florida Atlantic University

    • M.S. in Mental Health Counseling​

    • M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling

    • B.S. in Psychology

    • B.S. in Theater Design

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