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To schedule a session, please email Melissa's team at

FaceTime or Zoom sessions are available upon request prior to appointment.

Psychic Reading

30 or 60 minutes

Melissa will provide insight and guidance into present circumstances and the near and distant future. These readings often relate to love life, career, finances, personal health, family relationships, relocation possibilities, or any other issues of concern.

Mediumship Reading

30 or 60 minutes

Melissa will connect you with your loved ones in heaven to receive messages from them. She will also identify specific signs to look out for, which will validate that they are still watching over you.

Animal Communication

30 or 60 minutes

In this session, Melissa will provide guidance relating to your pet’s health or she will help you understand and improve the behavior of your pet that is still living. Melissa can also connect you with a pet who has passed away; the same way people who have passed away often have messages for loved ones still here. 

Medical Intuitive Reading

30 minutes

Melissa will provide insight into your overall physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing. This session should not be used as a replacement for any routine doctor visits or treatments you may be undergoing. Instead, it can be used to supplement or expand on any treatment plan or regiment that is already in place by qualified healthcare professionals.

Life Coaching Session

45 minutes

With Melissa's background as a counselor, she will help you navigate any challenges you may be facing with helpful techniques for stress management. Melissa will also provide insight for setting and achieving goals to ensure a successful outcome.

Life Coaching Sessions

Package of 20 weekly sessions

45 minutes per session

Melissa will give you the tools to enhance your life in any area for more happiness, peace, confidence and purpose in order to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Psychic in Your Pocket Program


The Psychic in Your Pocket Program is a monthly subscription, in which a small number of people can text message psychic questions directly to Melissa from Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 6 pm EST. The number of participants is limited so everybody can receive individual attention. This program is currently SOLD OUT. However, if you are interested, please inquire because there is a waiting list and slots occasionally open up.

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