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I’ve been fortunate to have a many readings with Melissa over the last several years. Each one, be it psychic, mediumship, health related or past life information has been enlightening and right on target. Sometimes she gives me information that I just say hmmm….I wonder what that means and tuck it away. Then, when I least expect it exactly what she said will happen.  Amazing!  This past summer I had a family member pass away, with an indirect request that her ashes be spread in the Pacific Ocean.  Before I went to the Pacific, I scheduled a reading with Melissa to see if we could make sure this was in fact her wish.  

The family member came through very quickly, confirming this was her desire and through Melissa said we would know we were in the right spot when we saw pink flowers.  One of those pieces of information that I tucked away…I wasn’t sure about pink flowers at the beach in January.  A few days later while walking along the path to the dunes we came across many pink flowers….the pink ice plants lined the way to the beach. It brought a big smile to my face and my heart.   Melissa’s gifts & talents are amazing and I’m so glad she shares them with us!

Sue, California, USA

Melissa Hevenor is the real deal! During my first session with her she identified several medical things that were going on for me that I had not shared with anyone. She also told me about something I didn’t know - but a visit to the doctor later that week confirmed that what she had picked up on was indeed correct. Her psychic readings have brought me peace, hope and reassurance. The medium reading was incredible and something that still brings me to happy tears when I think about it. I have used Melissa’s guidance to better understand myself, my health and my relationships. She is professional, kind, and supportive. I highly recommend her! 

Kathy, Florida, USA

I want to express to you how amazed I am about my reading Melissa gave to me in April of this year. It was concerning my son and his situation. Everything that Melissa said would happen did in fact happen at the time she said it would happen. Thank you and I will be getting another reading from Melissa as soon as I can.

Connie, Texas, USA

The reading that you gave me on Monday was mind blowing! You touched on everything I wanted guidance on without me saying anything and you told me the exact diagnosis that I had been given by my doctor after extensive tests. You are not of this world and if more of the world knew how talented you are, you would have paparazzi chasing you! 

Kevin  France

I've had the pleasure of working with Melissa for many years now. She is so accurate! Her readings have helped me connect with passed loved ones that I have missed so much. She is truly an angel on earth. 

Tracy Chicago, USA

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