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Monday April 21 , 2014
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Psychic Medium Empath

By the age of six, I was having regular conversations with those who had departed. To this day, I have to consciously regulate the number of spirits I communicate with each night before going to bed.

I am excited to offer my talents as a gateway to bridging the gap between this world and the other side. I also practice energy healing to assist those suffering from energy blocks that can result in mental, physical and emotional illnesses. These abilities are my passion as I find it highly rewarding to help people gain understanding, find resolution and experience peace as a result of our time together.

New Radio Show-

Melissa Hevenor Hevenor radio show is Thursday, 6:00-7:00 PM EST
Latte of Heaven with Melissa Hevenor
Have Questions, call into the show 646-716-9663
Link for Radio show website-

Want to listen to the show or look for a replay of a older show-

Replay Show Aug 1, 2013  Anna Taylor
Anna Taylor, international angel therapist and spiritual singer/songwriter,
Discussing the power of  music to raise  someone’s
vibration and receive messages from the spiritual realm. The second half of the show, Melissa and
Anna did live readings.


Customer Feedback-

John Holland Comments about Melissa's new book:
Check out my colleague Melissa Hevenor (Psychic Medium) new book! I found her amazing and very special, May 2011

Lisa Williams Facebook Comment about the reading that she had with Melissa:
Lisa stated "I don't recommend many, but I certainly recommend her!!" Dec 2010

Mark Rawson from Spiritual Journey Rates Melissa Number 1 in 2010.
Mark stated, I get to work with many psychics and have had many readings in 2010. Melissa has been given so many gifts. A reading from her is outstanding and goes beyond what you can get from other Psychics in the US.

Melissa's Book
Book cover for the new book.

My book is now shipping. Please go to your local Barnes & Noble to purchase.
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