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Psychic in Your Pocket

Melissa Hevenor is lovingly known worldwide as the "Psychic in Your Pocket". Melissa is a highly sought-after psychic medium, spiritual teacher, life coach, and author. 

The "Psychic in Your Pocket" nickname came about when Melissa's clients would say she was always just a quick text away when they had an urgent issue. She either guided them psychically or connected them with their loved ones in heaven.

"I don't recommend many, but I certainly recommend her!!" - Lisa Williams


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psychic in your pocket


Melissa has been a guardian angel in my life during some of the best and worst times. Not only has she helped me prepare for what’s to come, she has mentored me through the process. After each session, I feel a sense of peace, closure and clarity that I have never felt before. Melissa’s accuracy is evident in how well-connected she is with spirit, guides, angels and those who have crossed over. I feel fortunate to have met her and cannot imagine a life without her guidance. 

Nicole Calabasas, California

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